Easy Cheeseburger Sliders


Week night dinner! Add to the mix that I have some how managed to injure my back and that means I need a much less “involved” recipe. Well, I found this post awhile ago, so we picked up some Hawaiian Sweet Rolls on a trip to Walmart, and we’re ready to roll!

Here’s a link to the original blog at Better Recipes.


The Process:

Right off the bat, I had this pictured all wrong. I assumed it was a 9×9 pan that made 4 burgers. Then I got to thinking about it and realized those would be full-sized burgers. Well, then I actually READ the recipe. It calls for a 9×13 pan and 2 lbs of ground sirloin. Ah. It’s beginning to make sense. Alas, I only had one pound of ground chuck thawed and it’s only the hubs and I anyway, so I would just tone it down.

I’m just going to go ahead and say, I had no intentions of following the directions on preparing the hamburger meat. In fact, there’s another recipe that has a fabulous slider taste that I planned on using. Of course, like any “good cook,” I just eye-balled it instead of measuring. For me it’s all about the smell! So my hamburger meat got some bread crumbs, some dry minced onions (I never have the real stuff in the house), a dash of Worcestershire, and (per the hubs request) ground garlic pepper. I mixed all that together in the pan and pressed it down. This was a little more trying than I expected since I used a glass pan, but I eventually got it all spread out and smushed together. Finally, another sprinkle of ground garlic pepper and into the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Now my first thought with this was about grease. I mean, in a frying pan I end up with a puddle of grease, so won’t the same thing happen? Well, I was right. I ended up with a big cooked patty surrounded by grease. For the record, this is probably due in part to using ground chuck instead of sirloin, but still. Luckily I was able to hold the patty in place with a spatula and drain it into the sink. Problem solved!


Then I had another surprise. The Hawaiian Sweet Rolls I bought… I was quite thrilled because they were already cut as “hamburger buns.” I thought, “How convenient! It’s like they knew I was coming.” But what I failed to notice was they were actually hamburger-sized hamburger buns, so no sliders tonight. Just hamburgers. So I ended up cutting the big patty just as I expected: into 4 patties. No big deal. Still had leftovers and didn’t feel like a fatty putting two hamburgers on my plate 😉

The Result:

So now I know you’re dying to know how they came out. Well, here it is! It was quite tasty, even though it wasn’t a slider. Also, the process was really simple. It certainly beats standing over a frying pan and there’s no point starting up a grill for two burgers. I think it was the nice onion flavor in the burger and the Hawaiian Sweet Roll bun that made it fabulous.


(… maybe I need to do something with that flour left out from my cookie experiment.)

The Review:

  • Yummy! But most of the flavor came from the onion, Worcestershire, and Hawaiian Sweet Roll.
  • Pay attention to the buns you buy!
  • A much easier alternative to cooking burgers on a stove.

Overall, I recipe I plan to repeat!


Here’s a link to the original blog at Better Recipes.


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