Back to School! DIY Owl Decor


Well, that time of year is here: back to school! It both gets my mind running with new ideas and fills me with fear at the same time. No more sleeping in or having all day to accomplish simple tasks. No more squeaky clean house or friends over at all hours of the night. But I get a whole new crop of children, new ideas to implement, and I even picked up a few new teammates this year. I’m super excited!!! And so I decided to jump in to the back to school spirit with a fun, simple project I kinda found through Pinterest, but more

I love owls, and I’m using them as a minor theme in my classroom (you’ll have to check out my blog about my classroom make over to see the main theme). So when I found this template on, I thought, “What a great door decoration!” So here it goes:

The Supplies:

scrapbook paper
white paper
black paper
yellow/orange paper
template… “paper” (cardstock, cardboard, etc.)

The Process:

It was simple enough. Create the template, trace, assemble. I happen to have this fabulous Quickstitch paper lying around. Both my husband and I worked/work for an accessory company that used to do embroidery inside acrylic products like cups and key chains. When they nixed the department, we picked up the leftovers. It worked wonderfully!

IMG_3641[1] IMG_3640[1]


The Result:

Absolutely adorable owls! I had a lot of fun placing the pupils to give them personality. LOVE!





Here’s what I did with them. Welcome new friends!

The Review:

Nice and simple. It took a little time to cut everything, but overall it was simple to do and had a powerful result.

Here’s the link to the free template again. Happy crafting!



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