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Handlettering on a Chalkboard


This has become one of my favorite projects. When I got married, my new team gave me a gift card to Home Goods. I wasn’t sure what to get with it, so I carried it around for the longest time. I finally settled on a huge, framed chalkboard. There’s a great spot for it in my “kitchen,” and I figured it’d be a good way to display motivational phrases and lyrics. PLUS I saw this awesome pin on Pinterest about how chalk lettering was so easy!

The Process:

The tip I picked up from several blogs was to create a design and print it out. I used Microsoft Publisher, since I became so familiar with it over the summer. Really. It’s much easier than Word for poster, worksheets, etc. Any way, print it out to life-size. IMG_3676[1]

Now here’s the trick: rub the back of your printed paper with chalk. I had better luck tracing over the general outline of the design on the back than just rubbing across the whole thing. It will give you cleaner lines and guarantee you don’t miss anything.



Can you see a little chalk on there? Anyway, then comes the first long tedious part, flip it onto your chalkboard and trace the whole thing with a dull pencil.


This takes awhile and some back strength. Your cat may even be bored out of her mind.


But it’s worth it because when you remove the paper you have this lovely outline!


And now, long, draw-out, tedious part 2: trace it again!


By the way, if you haven’t seen this hand trick on Pinterest, it was a big help! It really works!!!


The Result:

You end up with this beautifully designed and polished piece, ready for display in your home.


The Review:

Overall, this idea is pretty simple with a stunning result, but it takes A LOT of time and a good deal of patience. The outline takes out a lot of the guesswork, but a steady hand is still a plus. Also, instead of using one big paper, you can cut the words apart and work on them individually. This makes filling the whole space a little easier (if you are working with a big surface), but there was something about it I just didn’t care for…

Here are some other pieces I did.



Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!



Tissue Pom-Poms


I’m sure most of us have seen this oh-so-simple idea on Pinterest:

I decided to update my classroom and add some color, so this seemed like a quick and easy way to do it. So I gathered my supplies (tissue paper, twist ties, and string) and got to work!

The Process:

I bought the mixed set of tissue paper from The Dollar Tree, so the first thing I did was separate them into colors.


I combined two sets of each color (two packs) for a total of 10 sheets of each color.


Then came the accordion fold. Easy enough.


And twisty-tied the center and tied a string around that. Then I clipped the ends. Some I did in a rounded petal, some pointed, and some not clipped.

Now here was my snag. I tied the twisty-tie TIGHT, so when I went to fluff ball, I couldn’t get down into the center without tearing it.


My solution was to untie it and retie it more loosely (almost flat). This helped a lot, although I have since seen some folks pull it off with a tight tie in the middle. To each his own!

The Result:

IMG_3655[1] IMG_3656[1]

Overall, I’m pretty impressed. They were simple to assemble, fairly easy to fluff, and made a big impact. They were also MUCH cheaper than buying them ($4 for 10 vs $8 for 3 at Party City).  Here they are in my classroom:


The Review:

Pretty simple and impactful. Just remember to take your time when fluffing, and I had better luck with a lose tie in the center.