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Classroom Maintanence


Here’s a few more little Pinterest gems I use that make our classroom routines a little smoother.

Job Flip Chart

Now this one didn’t exactly come from Pinterest, but it’s how I do things. For the week, I choose a girl and a boy helper. They do all of the classroom “jobs” that we need (line leader, hand sanitizer, bathroom monitor, etc). This is how I keep up with it. It’s just index cards that are hole-punched with a big ring. Done!


Lunch Choice Magnets

I found these little gems last year at The Dollar Tree and used them for Daily Data. This year I bought another set, spray painted them to match (they come in a set of blue, pink, grey, and black), and labeled a Dollar Tree cookie sheet to keep track of our lunch choices. This is also a super easy way to notice who is absent first thing in the morning.

IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Sign-Out Board

Last year I used a pocket chart for this. Students inserted a blue card if they were at the restroom, red if they were out. I liked how I could look at the board and easily know how was out. Students could also see if another student was already in the restroom (we go as needed when I’m not giving instruction). However, it didn’t take long for the little pockets to get torn up, no matter how many times I laminated them. So enter this Pinterest idea.


Now this hasn’t been perfect. I’m having issues with students taking a LONG time to write their names (and add stars… or hearts… or squiggles… or… whatever!), so I’ve had to spend some time explaining it’s purpose (and not it’s purpose) and being a “mean teacher” by enforcing what I’ve said. “If you have time to draw, you don’t really need to go. Sit down.”

Felt Footies

I saw this all over Pinterest and thought there is no way that is going to last. However, after watching my floor quickly turn to a dull shade of grey yet again, I decided to give it a try. I bought colored felt from Hobby Lobby (to match each table color). I recruited my brother to cut them into fourths. Then as a class, we put them on our chairs. The idea was that if the students put them on the chairs themselves, they would be more likely to keep up with them.

IMG_3890 IMG_3891

So here’s how it’s going. First of all, the “buying in” really worked. The students spent their own time putting them on and they genuinely keep an eye out for them; making sure they are still on, putting them back on if necessary. Score! And even better, they are actually keeping the floor clean. I’ve already had several compliments from the custodians that my floor is looking pretty good. Of course, if a pencil lead or crayon tip gets caught under a foot, it’s still nice and scratched across the floor, but what cha gonna do?

Despite the general success, I have learned a few things about them that I hope to pass on to you! First, having the students put them on was great for buy-in, but they did not get them on as tightly as needed. They were popping off that day. So I did have to go back and redo those myself. Second, if you keep the rubber band too close to the foot, you create a large flap that can be stepped on. My solution was to put the rubber band on more like this:


Make sure the flaps are tucked in. Now this fixed the problem for most of my students, but my more active ones still step all over theirs. The other solution would be to cut them smaller.

Feeling inspired? Try one and let me know how it works for you!





Little Classroom Goodies


So I’ve taken a HUGE sabbatical from blogging as I got this school year started. I don’t know about you, but our district has adopted a brand new reading program and that means TONS of extra work for me. Luckily, I had some amazing guys to help me assemble our tests today. They are rewarding themselves with a little gaming, and I’ll be rewarding myself with a little blogging.

This post is to showcase a few small Pinterest finds that I’ve implemented in my room this year. Love them all!

Rubber Bands on the Hand Sanitizer

This is such a simple idea and probably the best one ever! Last year, I had a huge issue with hand sanitizer on the floor, which eats the wax. I saw this on Pinterest and it is the quickest solution ever!

IMG_3621  IMG_3895IMG_3896












No mess. Just the right amount for little hands. Perfect!

Push Pin Clothespins

I saw this for using on bulletin boards, but I knew it would be perfect for our hall display. We have a long strip of cork mounted to the walls outside our rooms. A thumb tack would be perfect and the clothespin would allow students to swap out their work quickly. All I needed was clothespins, flat headed thumb tacks, and hot glue.

IMG_3761[1] IMG_3762[1]

Now for the record, I had a friend try the same thing and a few are falling apart. I think it has to do with the placement of the thumb tack. Make sure it stays closer to the pivot point than to the top.

So those are a few little gems from Pinterest that have made my year a little easier!


My Classroom Renovations


Okay, so it’s not exactly a Pinterest project, but I’m super proud of the updates I’ve made to my room this year. This is my fourth year teaching, but the very first time I’ve been in the same school, same grade level, same room, so I took full advantage of it and made it my own. The room already had an orange-ish wall, so I wanted to add a color that would compliment that. Plus, we have a wonderful principal who lets us paint, so I went for it! My theme: teal and dots!


First, I painted the focal wall (the first thing you see when you come into the room). This had two purposes: 1) to add color! 2) to cover up a big black rectangle that had been painted there by a previous occupant. This wasn’t a bad idea, but last year I acquired a Promethean board and that’s the only spot I could put it, so it looked kinda silly back there.


It didn’t take long for the old brain to get to turnin’ and I decided to expand my painting to the two long walls as well. But instead of painting the whole wall, I decided to do something less extreme. I would paint the top two rows of blocks and add something fun: POLKA DOTS!

IMG_3696[1] IMG_3700[1]

I pulled the color scheme from a set of products I found at The Parent/Teacher Store. I knew I was going to implement teal because it was a such a wonderful compliment to the subtle orange already in my room. This color palette allowed me to integrate lots of other colors too.

So here’s the final product:

This is standing in the door.


Looking back at the entrance.


The white board with Daily Data.


My classroom library with coordinating baskets and objectives board.


Cubbies and my meeting table.


So that’s it! I’ll have to post another blog focusing on some of the features of my room, but I’m just in love with the walls! It’s so bright and cheerful. I love being in my room now 🙂 It really feels like MY room. I can’t wait to share it with a new group of students!


Back to School! DIY Owl Decor


Well, that time of year is here: back to school! It both gets my mind running with new ideas and fills me with fear at the same time. No more sleeping in or having all day to accomplish simple tasks. No more squeaky clean house or friends over at all hours of the night. But I get a whole new crop of children, new ideas to implement, and I even picked up a few new teammates this year. I’m super excited!!! And so I decided to jump in to the back to school spirit with a fun, simple project I kinda found through Pinterest, but more

I love owls, and I’m using them as a minor theme in my classroom (you’ll have to check out my blog about my classroom make over to see the main theme). So when I found this template on, I thought, “What a great door decoration!” So here it goes:

The Supplies:

scrapbook paper
white paper
black paper
yellow/orange paper
template… “paper” (cardstock, cardboard, etc.)

The Process:

It was simple enough. Create the template, trace, assemble. I happen to have this fabulous Quickstitch paper lying around. Both my husband and I worked/work for an accessory company that used to do embroidery inside acrylic products like cups and key chains. When they nixed the department, we picked up the leftovers. It worked wonderfully!

IMG_3641[1] IMG_3640[1]


The Result:

Absolutely adorable owls! I had a lot of fun placing the pupils to give them personality. LOVE!





Here’s what I did with them. Welcome new friends!

The Review:

Nice and simple. It took a little time to cut everything, but overall it was simple to do and had a powerful result.

Here’s the link to the free template again. Happy crafting!