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My Classroom Renovations


Okay, so it’s not exactly a Pinterest project, but I’m super proud of the updates I’ve made to my room this year. This is my fourth year teaching, but the very first time I’ve been in the same school, same grade level, same room, so I took full advantage of it and made it my own. The room already had an orange-ish wall, so I wanted to add a color that would compliment that. Plus, we have a wonderful principal who lets us paint, so I went for it! My theme: teal and dots!


First, I painted the focal wall (the first thing you see when you come into the room). This had two purposes: 1) to add color! 2) to cover up a big black rectangle that had been painted there by a previous occupant. This wasn’t a bad idea, but last year I acquired a Promethean board and that’s the only spot I could put it, so it looked kinda silly back there.


It didn’t take long for the old brain to get to turnin’ and I decided to expand my painting to the two long walls as well. But instead of painting the whole wall, I decided to do something less extreme. I would paint the top two rows of blocks and add something fun: POLKA DOTS!

IMG_3696[1] IMG_3700[1]

I pulled the color scheme from a set of products I found at The Parent/Teacher Store. I knew I was going to implement teal because it was a such a wonderful compliment to the subtle orange already in my room. This color palette allowed me to integrate lots of other colors too.

So here’s the final product:

This is standing in the door.


Looking back at the entrance.


The white board with Daily Data.


My classroom library with coordinating baskets and objectives board.


Cubbies and my meeting table.


So that’s it! I’ll have to post another blog focusing on some of the features of my room, but I’m just in love with the walls! It’s so bright and cheerful. I love being in my room now 🙂 It really feels like MY room. I can’t wait to share it with a new group of students!



Well, Here It Goes!


So I’ve been a big fan of Pinterest for awhile now and Bridal Portraithave tried a lot of projects. Everyone is always asking about my latest recipe attempts or how I figured that out, so I figured, why not start a blog and keep up with all those attempts; the good, the bad, and the moderately successful.