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Tissue Pom-Poms


I’m sure most of us have seen this oh-so-simple idea on Pinterest:

I decided to update my classroom and add some color, so this seemed like a quick and easy way to do it. So I gathered my supplies (tissue paper, twist ties, and string) and got to work!

The Process:

I bought the mixed set of tissue paper from The Dollar Tree, so the first thing I did was separate them into colors.


I combined two sets of each color (two packs) for a total of 10 sheets of each color.


Then came the accordion fold. Easy enough.


And twisty-tied the center and tied a string around that. Then I clipped the ends. Some I did in a rounded petal, some pointed, and some not clipped.

Now here was my snag. I tied the twisty-tie TIGHT, so when I went to fluff ball, I couldn’t get down into the center without tearing it.


My solution was to untie it and retie it more loosely (almost flat). This helped a lot, although I have since seen some folks pull it off with a tight tie in the middle. To each his own!

The Result:

IMG_3655[1] IMG_3656[1]

Overall, I’m pretty impressed. They were simple to assemble, fairly easy to fluff, and made a big impact. They were also MUCH cheaper than buying them ($4 for 10 vs $8 for 3 at Party City).  Here they are in my classroom:


The Review:

Pretty simple and impactful. Just remember to take your time when fluffing, and I had better luck with a lose tie in the center.